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Harm of chrome oxide green
Chromic acid, dichromate and their salts can irritate and burn human skin and cause injury and contact dermatitis. When these compounds enter the human body in the form of vapor or dust, they will lead to perforation of the middle nasal septum, gastrointestinal diseases, leukopenia, and lung lesions similar to asthma. When the concentration of chromic anhydride in the air is 0.15-0.31 mg / m3, the nasal septum can be perforated. Trivalent chromium is also a protein coagulant. Some people think that hexavalent chromium can induce lung cancer. In addition, hexavalent chromium, especially chromic acid, has a strong cultural hall effect on the metal pipes of the sewer system. Sodium dichromate with a concentration of 2 of 0.31mg/l can corrode the pipeline. All plants can be poisoned when the trivalent chromium wastewater containing 3.4-17.3 mg / L is irrigated.
Chromium pollution is mainly caused by industry. Chromium compounds are discharged from the mining, smelting, manufacture of chromium salts, electroplating, metal processing, leather making, paint, pigment, printing and dyeing industries. For example, if the tannery industry usually processes one ton of raw leather, 50-60 tons of wastewater containing 410mg / L chromium will be discharged; if 10 tons of raw leather are treated every day, 72-86 tons of chromium will be discharged annually.
Types of chrome oxide green
After high temperature, burning and tempering, chrome oxide green can finally form artificial chrome oxide green. This kind of artificial chrome oxide green has high strength and strong tolerance. What is the function of artificial chrome oxide green? It can be used to make plexiglass, and it can also be used to make artificial gemstones. Of course, the performance of chrome oxide green powder is relatively stable, and its high temperature resistance is relatively significant, so it is quite popular in the artificial gem market.
Of course, the quality of synthetic chrome oxide green produced by chrome oxide green manufacturers is different. The purity and hardness of artificial chrome oxide green produced by some manufacturers are naturally different. Some artificial chrome oxide green produced by some manufacturers can be used for refractory bricks. Of course, the artificial chrome oxide green sold after exercise has strong dyeing power and catalytic ability, and can be used as adsorbent or catalyst.
Therefore, different purity of chrome oxide green naturally has different function and effect. Of course, the chrome oxide green products produced by chrome oxide green manufacturers need to determine different specifications and label the specification attributes, which is convenient for consumers to purchase and to realize the processing and production in different fields.
Characteristics of chrome oxide green
In order to prevent the high-purity chrome oxide green produced by chrome oxide green manufacturers to be eliminated by the market, the manufacturer not only prepared advanced high-purity chrome oxide green equipment before production, but also paid special attention to the selection of materials. The materials selected are similar to the properties of chrome oxide green, so that they can be well integrated together without exclusion.
Secondly, the particles on the surface of chrome oxide green pigment can crystallize, so that the density of chrome oxide green will be very high. Whether it is used in painting or decorating the surface of toys, this kind of chrome oxide green has a strong covering power and has a certain oil absorption function. The product surface decorated with chrome oxide green is very smooth.
This product produced by chrome oxide green manufacturers not only has a high density of chrome oxide green, but also has certain environmental protection functions when used. It will not cause damage and pollution to the surrounding environment, in line with the national policy of sustainable development of industry.
Storage of chrome oxide green
Chrome oxide green pigment is the most widely used pigment in modern coatings. Its representative products are iron oxide green, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide red, etc. each pigment occupies a very important position in the field of pigment, and is a good coloring product.
China is a big country of chrome oxide green pigment application and iron oxide production. In this form, the storage of chrome oxide green is a problem worthy of attention.
Taking chrome oxide green pigment as an example, the safe storage method of iron oxide was analyzed.
When the iron oxide red is stored in the open air, it should be stored in categories and groups, and there should be a fire prevention distance between each pile.It should be noted that the area of each pile of iron oxide should not be too large, and it is best to control it within 100 square meters. Then, the distance between each pile of iron oxide and each pile of iron oxide should be controlled at one meter or more. If stacked against the wall, it should also be noted that more than half a meter is better for each pile of iron oxide and the wall; If the warehouse is used to store iron oxide pigment, fire prevention measures, ventilation and control shall be taken to ensure the temperature and humidity of the workshop.

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