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Iron oxide pigments used in building materials is growing 

The largest consumer sector of iron oxide pigments is the construction and coatings industry.Changes in demand and the rise and fall of these two industries directly controlled consumption situation in the region.In recent years,  iron oxide used only for the color of the mortar is more than 7000 tons per year.In addition to flooring, the Western Europe concrete roof tiles, precast concrete, concrete block, colored brick, mortar color, also need to use a lot of iron oxide pigments.In North America, Canada, by the European-style impact, iron oxide consumption structure similar to Europe,Canada and Australia iron oxide pigments are mainly used for construction.In western Europe 60% iron oxide used for building materials.Such as the total consumer is 50,000 tons per year in the United States.About 30,000 tons is for the construction industry. The consumption of Iron Oxide which used in concrete paving materials rise at a high pace.In Canada 65% iron oxide pigments are for the local concrete industry, 10% for colored concrete mortar.In Australia, the annual volume of iron oxide pigments is about twenty thousand tons.The demands for iron oxide pigment is depend on the number of new buildings.As affected by the European market in recent years,in US the amount of iron oxide pigments which used in the construction industry developed rapidly. The annual consumption of synthetic iron oxide is about 40,000 ~ 50,000 tons.In US iron oxide is mainly used for concrete paving blocks (about 15% to 20%).A large sum of iron oxide red, yellow iron oxide, iron oxide brown, iron oxide black is used in manufacturing colored concrete products.For housing construction, iron oxide red and iron oxide black are the most popular colorant of building material in China.In short, regarding foreign iron oxide consumer market, no matter it is an existing market or potential market, it is mainly being depend on the demand of colored building materials.In China, most of the iron oxide pigments are also used in building materials,about 60% of total sales. With the booming of construction market, the consumption of iron oxide pigments also growing.

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