Iron oxide ushered in the third price increase year 2021
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Iron oxide ushered in the third price increase year 2021

On May 10, the reporter learned from the Iron Oxide Industry Branch of China Coatings Industry Association that this month’s iron oxide has ushered in the third price increase this year, mainly due to the price increase of iron sheets on the cost side, and the rapid price increase has exceeded 3,000 yuan/ The embarrassing situation of large tons and unavailability of goods has affected the output and is difficult to restore to full load.

According to reports, in May, a number of iron sheet supplies have been reduced in production, and it is difficult for companies to reach the maximum supply, and exports remain hot. The price increase of iron sheet is unstoppable, and the demand-side growth has made the company’s inventory situation tight. The trend of “tightening prices”. Recently, the iron oxide domestic and foreign markets have generally risen by 500 yuan/ton, and export products are 100 yuan/ton. Some companies are in the early stage. If you can stock up more goods, you will lose less. Leading companies in the industry have already booked their orders in the second quarter, and the trend of “tight goods prices” has boosted the price of iron oxide.

Phthalocyanine blue and phthalocyanine green series pigments have risen by nearly 3,000-5,000 yuan/ton since the beginning of the year, and they are intermittently out of stock, and orders for the first half of the year have also been booked.

The Iron Oxide Industry Branch of China Coatings Industry Association once again reminded each member unit of the iron oxide industry to strengthen information communication with customers in combination with their main business conditions, and truthfully inform customers of market price fluctuations and changes in chemical raw materials, metal iron sheets, auxiliary materials, and freight. , Self-negotiation is based on market demand and price adjustments are determined by price negotiation, so as to jointly resolve business risks and construct a standardized and orderly iron oxide market environment.

The Iron Oxide Branch urges all member units to strictly implement national and industry-related standards and regulations, provide customers with high-quality services on the premise of maintaining the basic profits of the market and the industry, and ensure the healthy and orderly development of the iron oxide industry.

Lin Zhihua, secretary-general of the Iron Oxide Branch, pointed out that the branch will pay close attention to the price trends of raw materials in the market, and promptly send market price changes information to companies based on actual conditions. Each company can adjust business strategies in a timely manner according to market conditions, in a legal, reasonable, and realistic manner. In order to avoid a new round of market turbulence, the price adjustment mechanism should be improved as much as possible through friendly consultations with cooperative units.

Lin Zhihua said that the iron oxide industry will continue to deepen reforms to create a new driving force for development; increase opening up and expand the circle of friends of the association; encourage responsibility, gather positive energy for development, and promote the iron oxide industry to achieve higher quality, more efficiency, and more Continuous development.

Lin Zhihua said that since 2021, the price of chemical raw materials has been rising like a rainbow. Everyone has speculated that the price of so many kinds of chemical products increased in the first quarter, and downstream customers were very “buying” and queuing. In the quarter, did the chemical raw material companies make a lot of money from ear to ear?

Pigment and coating companies said that, in addition to the booming downstream prices, a large part of the current surge in prices is due to the trend of “tightening prices” in the upstream raw material industry.

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