The difference of chrome green and compound Ferric green
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The difference of chrome green and compound Ferric green

Chrome green and compound ferric green are the main green pigments for paint,coating,plastic,rubber,cement products etc.And both chrome green and compound ferric green are inorganic green pigment.But their price are different much.The price of chrome green is about 3 times higher than the price of compound ferric green.So compound ferric green is more suitable for large quantity application,such as concrete bricks,tiles,paving materials and paint,coating etc.And as you know compound ferric green are compound from Iron Oxide yellow pigment and phthalo blue.The color can be adjusted long with the formula change.We have two color shade compound ferric green 835 and 5605.But here’s one weak for compound Ferric,it can’t bear high temperature.When meet high temperature,the color will fade to yellow.That’s because phthalo blue can’t bear high temperature.If you need high temperature in the application,we advise you to choose Chrome green pigment.But if high temperature can be avoid,compound ferric green pigment will be the best choice,as its color is perfect and the price is very low compared with chrome green.And that’s why compound ferric green pigment is widely used in paint,coating,concrete bricks,paving materials etc.If you have any demands for compound ferric green pigment,contact contact us freely.Our contact information:

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