The usage of iron oxide red pigments CAS No.:1332-37-2
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Iron Oxide, iron oxide red pigments , CAS No.:1332-37-2 

iron oxide red pigments, CAS No.1332-37-2

1. Used in kinds of paints, including water-soluble paint for outside and inside wall, and oil paint including kinds of first coat and face coat such as epoxy, alkyd, amine etc.

2. Used in coloration for construction materials, i.e. mosaic brick, levigation level ground, concrete production, brick for pavement, colorful tiles and man-made marble, etc.

3. Used in coloration for colorful paper.

4. Used in surface coloration for rubber production, and strengthen the abrasion resistance of rubber filling.

5. Used in coloration for plastics, which is harder to fade.

6. Used in detecting the damage degree of machine by its magnetism.


iron oxide,iron oxide red pigments, CAS No.:1332-37-2

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