Why colored cement bricks are so popular
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Why colored cement bricks are so popular

First of all, it’s because the colored bricks own performance advantages,it’s

raw materials are high quality cement, medium sand, stone and cement color

pigments (iron oxide pigments), etc.The main pigments include iron oxide red 110,

red 130, iron oxide yellow 313, iron oxide yellow 920, compound Ferric Green 835

and so on.Regarding to its appearance, colored brick own

good surface of stone material, and the color is soft,similar to the environment

color,and also adding more color to our environment. And the life of colored

cement bricks are very long.
Secondly, color brick itself is also very wear-resisting, water permeability is

very good too. super wear resistance because of the color tile itself has medium

sand material, its appearance is very rough, very wear-resisting,good compressive

ability. it is very safe that pedestrians or cars go on it. Because the color

brick’s good material selection, cause the color tiles’ water permeability is

very good.So people don’t  worry about the road’s seeper hinder pedestrans,

after infiltration of surface water, it’s also good protective for the

Finally, the colored tiles itself is different from the slippery brick tiles,

particularly high antiskid performance.Square is a place where people like to pass

or gathered, especially old people. because colored bricks can prevent slippery

effectively, so it’s widely used in squares, and colors are very diversiform,

simple sense is also very friendly, and very popular for the public.


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